As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being

The Power of Being Human in Counselling and Psychotherapy – A Seminar with Professors Brian Thorne and Dave Mearns

On Saturday, the 16th April attended the above seminar. Have read/studied many of their books it was great to sit with them in person and listen to them discourse together.  Even had the opportunity to meet them after.  Brian Thorne signed three books I purchased whilst there.  Is that too much worship status given him, to want his signature?

It’s difficult now to recall with detail all that was said – it did last from 09:30 until 16:30 with a short lunch break. It did not drag though as some seminars can do.  Time seemed to fly by. All in all, it confirmed my feeling that the person-centred approach to counselling id the one I am more suited to or should that be is more suited to me?  The whole concept of the client knowing what hurts and what needs fixing seems vibrant for me.  Yes, it may take time but the fixing being done by the client, with close  accompaniment by the counsellor, is then more permanent, so that old demons are less likely to come back and haunt later. My notes are at home now, so will add some specific quotes later.

For me one of the key insights and indeed blessing was to see two people with very different approaches able to work together so well. Brian the committed Christian, Dave the commit atheist. And work together, not just for the odd day but, for 36 years.  Acceptance of each other, empathy for each other and congruence shared over that time.


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