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Counselling Portfolio finally submitted …

As the title says, have finally submitted by portfolio for a diploma in person-centred counselling. Apparently it takes between 8 – 12 weeks to hear back.  Seems a long time to wait. But, not much I can do to hurry the process.  An interesting phrase “hurry the process” – something that occasionally clients like to try to do, but I feel can’t really be done.  A bit like running before walking.  Certain things must be done in order.

A question – I’m hoping that the portfolio is acceptable – if so, do I then change the title of this blog from “the life & times of a trainee counsellor“? And if so, what do I change it to?  Using the word “qualified” seems too presumptuous, as there is always more to learn and develop.  Maybe “a newly trained counsellor“? Any suggestions out there?

So what now? With regards to counselling a more concentrated effort in learning and applying Focusing.  I’ve mentioned Focusing here at different times.  Now with the portfolio submitted there feels time to enjoy embracing Focusing.

One thing to do is answer a question that was asked nearly a year ago here, about transference from a person-centred perspective.  Over the next week will attempt an answer to post here.  Actually have just searched to find who and when the comment was made.  The question was “dependency  and the person-centred approach”, not transference.  So perhaps I’ll research both.


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