As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being

Strangely relaxed and at ease

Last night had my first sessions counselling since gaining the diploma.  I’m not sure whether it was me , the clients, or being awarded the diploma, yet there was a greater calmness, serenity and ease with all that occurred in the counselling room yesterday.  Was it that I didn’t feel quite so obligated to be a certain way,  as taught through the diploma course?  Part of me feels that to be the case, that there felt an openness being myself, not thinking of how I perhaps thought I ought to be.  Though, I must state that we were always taught to be ourselves, that we were each unique and thus the best way to be, was to be ourselves. I would like to think that I had always been seeking to be myself in the counselling room, as in all parts of my life.  Yet, last night there seemed an even greater contentment and ease.

Was it like taking the driving test, that the real driving and experiencing follows once the test has been passed?  As learning to drive continues as new situations on the roads are encountered, so as I continue counselling my development and learning will never end. Though, as in order to become an even better driver there are advanced driving coures to take, likewise there are further counselling courses to take.  The first of which will be with John Threadgold, regarding Focusing.


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