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New blog title …

Felt to change the title of my blog today.  It now makes more obvious my membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Such membership was always available in the “About me” page, so whilst never hidden, it is now more open.  Why the change?  That I cannot really put an explanation, thought or feeling to at the moment.  Perhaps it will spark more interest?  Perhaps not.  Perhaps the opposite?

Time to state again that this blog is about me, not any clients I see, whoever they are or may be.  Part of me is being a member of the LDS Church, so is that where the title change comes from, a desire to show more openly to the counselling world and others who may read this blog that I am a member of said Church?  Should it matter to make such known?  From much of the Press recently about Mitt Romney it would seem some think it does matter.  Whilst the blog is about me, mainly in connection to person-centred counselling, other aspects of my life no doubt come through.  Now a main part openly does.

Of course this then raises the question of “parts”.  What is a part? Do all the parts add together to make a sum great than the individual parts?  Can we really have parts or roles?  As mentioned else where here, being a person-centred counsellor is not a role that can be put on and off as one enters or leaves the counselling room.  So being  a member of the LDS Church is not something that can be put on or off as one enters or leaves the chapel each Sunday.  Then comes the question of what does it mean to be LDS?  Perhaps another day with ample time to write, I’ll answer what it mean to me to be LDS.  A quick, very short answer is being congruent, having empathy, and unconditional positive regard for all (qualities vital for a person-centred counsellor) – being filled with love.


3 responses to “New blog title …

  1. Anne Admirer 20 March, 2012 at 16:09

    Outing yourself as an LDS is a ballsy step. I imagine it could feel either liberating or nerve-wracking. I have a moderate profile in the person-centred community and can’t think of a friend or colleague who knows that a former partern was an LDS before being ex-communicated by them to join me in the Hare Krsna community. That’s just about having a past and I know we are all understood to have one. But I don’t trust folks to be non-judgemental – or at least I’m not going to test my hypothesis in that respect. In your case, it’s an integral part of who you are. Love me, love my parts 🙂

    Good on yer. You have my respect.

  2. Anne Admirer 20 March, 2012 at 16:11

    That should have read “a former partner” of course. Trigger happy…

  3. Neil 20 March, 2012 at 16:43

    Hi Anne – Appreciate you comments. Liberating or nerve-racking? Probably somewhere in the middle, a bit of both 🙂 Nerve-racking because of all the negative stuff I’ve seen on various blogs recently. Liberating as it frees me to be more fully who I am … or perhaps trying to be?

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