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The power of books … Lisa Bu

Another wonderful TED talk. This time on “How books can open your mind“. Only 6 minutes long. I wonder where I would be without books to read. I like how Lisa Bu reads books in pairs, so she gets different perspective on the same event, not just being blinded by one. Books take me on journeys – sometimes within myself, sometimes outside myself. They help in discovering myself and the world around me. Books enable me to have great empathy. Having read more of other experiences, does help me be able to see the world from different perspectives and then to feel that difference too – empathy being feeling more than just seeing another point of view.

Do I have a favourite? I do, but favourites change over time. I can not say I have one favorite above all others. I have many I consider such. My current favourite, though, is:

Yes, this is a counselling book. The appeal for me goes beyond counselling – more toward a way of being.

Do you have a favourite book – either one overriding all others, or a current favourite?

What are books to you?


One response to “The power of books … Lisa Bu

  1. Scott Wright 2 September, 2013 at 08:29

    Self help books are the best way to gain some information about how to handle a crisis, they are a boon for those who shy away from counselling.

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