As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being

The Curious Paradox – a poem

The Curious Paradox

can I accept myself just as I am, so then I can change?

to do such, seems unlikely, to accept something so strange…

perhaps, though, if you can accept the strangeness I feel within,

the silliness, the faults, the weirdness, the wrongs I feel, even the sin,

real or imagined, felt or imposed, they all lie within,

myself… just as I am,

as you accept me as I am,

so I am able to accept myself just as I am

as you listen, as you accept me, just as I am

as you feel as I feel, just as I am,

at least, a possibility of change becomes real,

thus change encircles me as I heal,

as I embrace you fully in return,

together we change, as from each other we learn

as, both of us, the healing encircles,

changes come, as unrecognised miracles

so then I change?

so then we change?

one type of strange,

to another type of strange

to yet another type of strange,

from a moth, to a chrysalis, to a butterfly,

from where I was, to where I am, to where I will be,

yes, for as was once written:

“The curious paradox is that

when I accept myself just as I am,

then I can change.”

so then will change come?

yes, if … you desire

yes, if … we desire

yes, if … I desire

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