As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being

Freaky Friday

Freak Friday may sound a strange film to review on a mainly person-centred blog. Let me explain my thoughts. There is the role of the therapist the mother plays in her employment, but that is not my point here. Another article could be written on that!!

My point is the swapping roles or rather lives of the mother and daughter and how that touched me.

Whilst watching the film I was alternating between laughing and crying. Laughing at the humour of various situations, but then crying as I saw the gradual awaking of the mother and daughter to each others lives – as they saw more and more through each others eyes – so their empathy increased and increased. The old saying that until you walk in another’s shoes not to judge them is very apt here, as it is in all of life.

The emotion experienced was a mixture of joy and pain – the joy of two people enabled to see and accept each other with all their differences – the pain was seeing how much I miss doing that with my children at times.

Yes, this is a fictional story, not reality, but does that matter? Surely, we learn about ourselves in all kinds of ways and from all kinds of sources?


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