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One Year Wiser

The title of this post is possibly misleading. As we begin a new year, it could appear to give the impression I consider myself wiser now, than one year ago. I do hope that is the case, that in some small degree I’ve developed greater wisdom over the past year. Though in regard to this post “One Year Wiser” is the title of a book I received at Christmas containing “365 Illustrated Meditations” by Mike Medaglia.

Each page has a thought, illustrated by Mike Medaglia. I’m not going to describe the illustrations here. If you want to see those, I’d suggest buying book ☺ Here I aim to daily give my thoughts on the thoughts Mike selected for his book. They could be considered “memes” which generally I don’t like, as in trying to distill some truth or other into one or two sentences, they lose or miss out so much. Having looked through several pages of the book, I feel and see these thoughts as indeed having more wisdom and profundity than most memes I’ve seen. So the first page:

January 1
The only journey is the one within – Rainer Maria Rilke

The only journey? We all take journeys – to school, to work, to the shops, to visit a friend, to just walk – all important. My take on the word “only” is implying the main, the most important, the key journey we make is within ourselves, to discover who we are. This then leads to many other journeys of self discovery, self realisation and questions – who am I? Am I of God, of the universe, of eternity, of the earth? Is there purpose beyond myself? This post is not about answering such questions, perhaps through the year, some will be. There may also be a journey into our past, to awaken the little girl or boy who was suppressed due to some early years trauma.

A good meditation to start the year with.

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