As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being

Why – As It Is

Back in my younger days of 15/16, with a friend, decided to publish a magazine. It was to be titled “As It Is”. We put an advert announcing it in Private Eye. No cost involved. We never got any further, mainly due to lack of experience and cost. The aim was to cover our interests at the time – music, relationships, different kinds of religion/spirituality as it was or at least as we saw it. Hence the title “As It Is”.
With the advent of the blog decided to create an on-line version.  My experience has increased through my years. Cost is still an issue, so blogging helps there.  A small help with cost is that the links to various books, etc. go which gets me a small referral fee (WordPress gave permission for the odd such link).
I’ll be covering any subject that takes my interest. Still interested in music, relationships, different kinds of religion/spirituality. Add to that psychology, society, politics and technology. Open to any subject or topic really, as it is or as I am.
All input welcome. Some will agree, others disagree with my feelings, thoughts, views and ideas. Interested in all points. Please, though, let’s keep it polite 🙂

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